Monday, June 2, 2014

"the power of Heaven [shall] come down among them; and I also will be in the midst."

Hey family!

This was a really great week. We see so many miracles.

Here's one: 

On Saturday we planned to be in one area. The plans fell through. But while we were in that area, we felt to go to Uilisone, a man who we haven't seen in months and who hasn't been to church in years. He was home. And we did the usual: stand outside and talk to him through the screen door. But this time we were more persistent in asking if we could come in to share a message. He said he'd check something and walked deeper into his house. 

While he stepped away, another guy came walking from the street toward the door. SAMOA was written on his chest. He smiled, called out to us, and let us into the home. Found out he is Amerika, Uilisone's brother. It was an AWESOME visit. We read Mosiah 2:41. The spirit was so strong. I know God's hand guided us to them.

On Wednesday, we saw Rodney. He's a man that hasn't been to church since 1990. We taught him the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, very carefully, comparing in depth with other research he's done. He has literally been searching and digging to know the truth. But he told us that he noticed that as he's read the Book of Mormon and prayed to understand, questions he's had just stop. While his questions used to take him deeper and lead to other questions, now, answers come simply and clearly. There is a visible change in Rodney's countenance. 

The Holy Ghost teaches us truth! The Book of Mormon change lives!

In other news, we found out one of our potential investigators is a king.

Alofa atu! :)

Elder Judd

picture: Elder Holcomb and Me