Monday, October 28, 2013

"yea, ye see that God will support, and keep, and preserve us, so long as we are faithful unto Him"

Hey family!
We have transfers tomorrow! I'm staying in Samoa and I'm training! But I'll pick up my new companion tomorrow. 
On Wednesday we taught Nerissa and Ioga and their family again. Nerissa is less active and her husband Ioga is not a member. Their daughters, Merosa and Anetero are active in the church and are awesome. They're just a fun family. We shared a message about the Book of Mormon and shared "A Book of Mormon Story" Mormon Message. I was so hoping that the video would help Ioga, but right as it started one of their young sons started to get pouty so Ioga had to take him aside to another room. So he missed the whole thing. :( But it was still great bc he said he wanted to know more about where the Book of Mormon came from and what it's about. He's interested! :)
Our lessons with Briana and Valerie and Naia all fell through, but we really worked on less active members this week. Bro. M., our new ward mission leader, is so great. We fasted with him on Friday for our ward mission, and he spent 4 hours going on splits with us on Saturday. I love the great faith of this man.
So with splits, Saturday was a great day. I went out with Bro. M., and Elder Browning went out with Bro, T. and Bro. A. (our elders' quorum president). We visited every less active member we could think to visit. It was awesome. We stopped by Moli, who we hadn't seen in weeks bc she's been taking care of her mom who has to stay at home. Her mother can't have visitors, so we talked for a bit on the doorstep. Moli was just thankful for us stopping by bc she's been getting cabin fever. And her son is home from the Navy for a bit, so we're planning on having a lesson with them both this week!
We also got to see Sabrinna and her husband Alex. Alex stopped taking the lessons right when I came to this area. Alex is Hispanic and they live in his parents' home. It reminded me so much of Mom's family. their house just smelled like good Mexican cooking. :) Anyway, it was a nice visit. And because Sabrinna is so strong in her faith, I know Alex will come around someday.
We got to visit Sai twice this week, which was so so great. We saw him Saturday night, first. He's been struggling a lot with past addictions, but he's been clean for about 2 weeks! We read a chapter of the book of Mormon with him. He wanted Alma 29 because he said it's his favorite. The spirit was so sweet. There is such a visible difference in Sai from when I first met him. He's just happier and more sincere in his fight to be righteous. He was feeling so good after we read with him that he was like, "okay okay, one more chapter. we've gotta get one more in." So we read Alma 28, which isn't the happiest chapter in the Book of Mormon... but the spirit was just as warm. There's just something about the Book of Mormon that allows anyone to be enlightened by the light of Christ whenever they read its pages. Every time I feel overwhelmed by life, I know I can turn to the Book of Mormon. The Words of Christ have become a stalwart friend to me. They comfort my heart when I feel like nothing else can. I never want to go another day of my life without reading at least a verse a day of the Book of Mormon.
On sunday we had FHE with Sai and his family. We shared "Dalton's Legs", another mormon message. I love that video. Everytime I watch it, I am reminded of how real the Savior's love is. He is always there, carrying us through life. He will never give up on us. Mm. It is true. :)

Well, gotta go. This work is true! Heavenly Father loves you more than you can know! :)
Elder Judd