Monday, August 26, 2013

"press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness if hope, and a love of God and of all men"

Talofa lava!
This week was was a powerhouse of the Spirit of the Lord. So good.
On Wednesday, we went to the Redlands temple. this temple is beautiful. and the Spirit was so strong. Mm. I love temples. The temple is the place! :) We took pictures as a zone afterwards.

Having the temple trip was the best because on Thursday we had zone conference. Pres. and Sister Van Cott and the assistants to the president came and gave us training. I love the Van Cotts. Every time I hear them speak or just interact with them, I know I'm supposed to be here. He was supposed to be my mission president. They are all about working with the members and strengthening the ward, which is the best because missionary work with members is the best way to do missionary work! Elder Browning and I both left feeling inspired to work harder and work happier.

So often, I look back and regret not being a better member-missionary throughout high school and before my mission. It is so easy to invite a friend to seminary or to a church event or to read the Book of Mormon. I wish I hadn't been afraid to open my mouth. I wish I had helped the missionaries more and invited friends to meet them. The message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is for everybody! It's the best, happiest, most exciting news the world has ever known! And it's true! :)
We were also able to teach a lady named Moli, who has been an investigator for a while. Her daughter, Sabrinna was baptized right when I came into the ward. Their family is so great. Moli has been struggling to feel the importance of being baptized, and we felt like we should read thorugh a chapter of the Book of Mormon with her as our lesson. we asked her where she left off. 2 Nephi 31. Boom. THE chapter of all chapters about the doctrine of Jesus Christ (which includes faith in Jesus Christ, which leads us to repent and make promises with Heavenly Father through baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost, and then enduring to the end on the path of righteousness). It was a great lesson, and Moli and her son Omar accepted the invitation to be baptized.
The Church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. When we prayerfully read the Book of Mormon and feast upon the words of Christ every day, we draw closer to God. There is real power in reading this book! Real protection from temptation. The spirit of love will fill a home when members of a family read it together and individually. This work is true! And I love it. :)
Elder Judd

Elder Seright and Elder Langi (See-right and Long-ee). I live with them in a 4-man apartment. They and Elder Browning were from the San Bernardino mission.

The Rialto A zone
Me and elder browning
This bridge we pass all the time that I wanted a picture of.
Me and elder McCall from seattle. just a good missionary in my zone. been out a long time. from the riverside mission.

My new satchel/bag i got today at goodwill. the other missionaries in my apartment love thrift stores. Good find, eh?

Bonus pictures from first area: 
Me, Laura, Danny, and Elder Buers from my first area.
Me and Elder Buers on the day of the exchange.