Monday, June 24, 2013

Handwritten Letters

*Editor's note: Elder Judd was not able to email last week, so he sent us a letter in the mail.  I am transcribing parts of it to send out to friends and family.

(from a letter written on a typewriter) 
Hey family! I'm at another Elder's apartment waiting for them to finish getting ready. They have a typewriter (Elder Callister's) and he taught me how to use it. Way cool. I have a typewriter at my place too. so, expect some cool letters like this. 

I'm waiting right now so Elder Buers and I can go to the library and email you. So, technically this is my first letter home to you.

The MTC was great. I will include more deets in my email and try to be detailed. On July, 1, I will be in the Redlands Mission.  I do not know my address yet, But I will let you know right away. I'm excited to have the same mission president my entire mission (because this mission is new, the the pres is new), and I am excited to see the promises of my setting-apart blessing and patriarchal blessing fulfilled through my faithfulness and obedience. I am so grateful for  my trainer. I know he was/is an answer to my prayers. He is a great missionary. He is obedient and hardworking. He is also the District Leader. I have learned a lot from him. and even though I don't understand everything, he is still patient, and I have learned that I need to be patient with myself, with  my companions, and with the work. I've only been out a week, so I'm not expected to be a perfect missionary right now (or ever, really).

I also love this place. It looks just like the picture of the Redlands temple. Oh yeah, I got to see the temple yesterday because it is right next to the Stake Center. Really pretty. Anywho, this place looks a lot like McAllen, but nicer. 

*And then another handwritten letter:


I hope this isn't the only way I get to write to you today. Because I havenb't gotten any mail yet, I can't show that I live here, so I can't get a library card to get online. But my companion said he'll try to be really quick to give me some of his computer time.

Anywho, I'm trying to be optimistic about it. I'm serving in Redlands right now! My area covers parts of Redlands, Loma Linda, and touches San Bernardino. On July 1, the new missions will open, and I will be serving in the California Redlands Mission. My new mission president is President Van Cott, and he is new too. Because I'm in Redlands right now, I'll be pretty close to the new mission home. They are putting areas like Murrietta in the Carlsbad mission, and combining parts of the San Bernardino mission with parts of the Riverside mission to make the Redlands mission. So, it's cool that i get to open it up.  also, because all this stuff is changing right now, I will get mail kinda slow through the Riverside mission office address. So, my apartment address is: 

Elder Jacob Judd
1400 Barton Rd. #305
Redlands, CA, 92373

My first day was great. Kinda long. I got the bike. Elder Taylor is staying in Riverside. Most missionaries did. But Elders Griffes and Berry are in  Redlands. I really like Elder Berry. I hope we serve together someday. Also, I'm in a car. And Elder Buers doesn't have a license, so...yeah. You get the picture. Driving has really helped me learn the area.

Also, my first day (Wednesday after I flew in) was awesome. Several invitations to baptism. Several lessons. Great day. Next day, not so good. Tons of rejection. Lots of no's. That was a tough day for me. But since then it's leveled out. I'm getting used to it all.

Elder Buers is great. He reminds me of  a hybrid between T.J. Pitcher and Travis Huffmaster. Dad should know who that is. He will go home after he trains me, so he's been out for a while. He's from West Jordan, UT, but originally from Scotsdale, AZ. Also, Elder Harline in my district is Johnny Harline's cousin. And he's from Monument, CO and knows the Bodily's.

Also, you asked about restaurants: everything is here, Chick-fil-a, Chipotle. Anything. They have it all. And, we have dinner with friends every night. :)

Love you lots, 

Elder Jacob Judd