Monday, June 24, 2013

"I will also be your light in the wilderness; and I will prepare the way before you"

Sweet friends of the earth!

My first week in the field was great! but I have no time to write. Sad day. I'm serving in Redlands right now, and i cover parts of Redlands, Loma Linda, and a tad bit of San Berrnardino.  Because they are shifting all the missions around, I will officially be serving in the brand new California Redlands Mission starting July 1st. So excited! I love it here. It reminds me of McAllen, but much nicer. Sorry for the shortest letter ever.
Love you all,

Elder Judd

Editor's Note: I'm adding his note that Elder Judd wrote to the family, since his letter was so short this week.  He needs to provide a piece of mail with his name on it to the local library before he can get a library card, and thus the ability to use the computers there. Hopefully we'll have a longer letter next week! We spoke with Jacob last Tuesday before he left on his flight to California, and he sounded sooo great! He loved his experience at the MTC, and is excited to be out in California!