Monday, July 28, 2014

"And ye shall offer for a sacrifice unto me a broken heart and a contrite spirit."

Hey family!

Today we drove out to a doctor appointment for Elder Holcomb in the desert. It was a long drive, but interesting because I've never been out past Yucaipa, which is the gateway to the desert. And we drove through Palm Springs, which is the place with hundreds of windmills. I forgot my camera, but I'll send pictures next week.

On Monday we taught Sai. He has been doing really well. He has started reading the Book of Mormon again, and has come to church a couple times too. He is visibly much happier compared to a few months ago. He is huge into music and he told us about a song that he used to know long ago called "Happy Inside". He's been thinking a lot about how happy he is. He wants to do things that will make him and his family happy inside, which are the things that Heavenly Father has asked.

On Tuesday we had district meeting. It was Elder Maynes last district meeting on his mission. He was an awesome missionary.

Also on Tuesday we felt to stop by a family in our ward. the dad is a king of an island back in Samoa and not a member of the church. We talked with him about his king name because we knew someone else with that name. And after a few minutes he invited us in! The family fed us briefly, and we were able to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon. It was awesome, especially because we have never been able to meet with this family before.

Heavenly Father answers prayers. Saturday night we taught Charles. He is atheist, but has been reading passages from the Book of Mormon that we give him. However, he has said he will not pray--he doesn't believe in prayer anymore.
All day leading up to his appointment, we prayed that God would soften his heart enough that he would be willing to pray. Then we met with him. We focused on him. We learned his mom had died of cancer 2 years ago, and it was the worst experience he's ever had. We listened, then testified of the resurrection. At the end of the lesson, we again invited him to pray. He said he would give prayer another try--that night! I was happy inside. I couldn't stop smiling all night.

Many miracles this week. The gospel is true! I know that Jesus is the Son of God! 


Elder Judd