Monday, March 17, 2014

"plant the word in your hearts, that ye may try the experiment of its goodness"

Hey Family,

On Friday we brought Bro. Julander out to work with us. We visited Junior, a guy we met a couple weeks ago. He is very friendly and said we could come by any time. He promised us that he would come to church on March 30th. He said he had requested work off that day, but didn't know why because he doesn't usually ask for Sundays off, but then he figured this might be why. Junior is awesome. He said he's also invited a bunch of friends to come too.

On Saturday we had a special conference with the Rancho Cucamonga mission. We met Elder Neil L. Andersen and Elder Anthony Perkins. They carried the Savior's love in everything they did and said. Elder Andersen testified powerfully and clearly that he is a witness that Jesus Christ lives. 

Also at the conference, as I was walking around the chapel back to my seat, someone called out to me. It was Elder Shaeson Bringhurst! I talked to him briefly, afterwards. I had no idea he was reassigned to CA. Really great to see him. 

Yesterday, we had a another miracle. Quick backstory. We recently received new mileage allocations which is pushing Elder Tingey and I to work much harder to find rides with members and stuff. We will even start biking soon.

So, we were planning to visit Matthew yesterday because we found out he's going back to New Zealand today. But he lives about 30 minutes away. So we prayed and talked to a bunch of people at church and called everyone we could think to give us a ride. But no luck. After a long time, when we almost gave up on seeing him, we thought to call a guy named Court. We've never asked him for help before, and we don't know him super well. Court said he was free and asked who we'd be visiting. We told him. He was like:
Oh, that's my little cousin! He's actually at my house right now.

Court lives in Rialto, which is where we were. We didn't know Court knew Matthew. We didn't know Matthew was in Rialto. But, God did. 

We had a great lesson about Enduring to the End. Matthew is going to find missionaries in New Zealand and find a seminary class over there.

The Holy Ghost is REAL. :)


Elder Judd