Monday, July 8, 2013

"Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee... I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands."

Sweet friends of the earth!
Everything is so great in Redlands, CA. So sunny all the time, and so beautiful. This week has been great. we got to meet Pres. Van Cott and his family and they are all so great! they also lived in Dallas for a fews years. They brought a lot of new improvements to the mission, and I'm so excited to work with them more. The work is changing so much everywhere! New dress code! Khaki pants! :) And no backpacks. I need to get a satchel soon haha. With the announcements the Quorum of the 12 apostles made, Pres. Van Cott has also decided that we won't be tracting in the Redlands mission. so we're reeally dependent on the members to do most of the finding.
On the 4th of July our ward had a pancake breakfast that the Boyscouts put on. So good. The rest of the day was pretty normal and we planned for the next week in the evening.
On Saturday a boy named Richard was baptized. It was so great to see how happy he was. I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost and played the piano for the program. Shout out to Sis. Hammond for being an amazing teacher! :) We also had a church tour on Saturday. It was our first time to put one together, and we were so excited. we set everything up, but our investigator didn't come. :/ but it was a great learning experience, and we now know what things we can do better.
Everyday I feel closer and closer to the savior, and I know that this work is his work. I know we have a Heavenly Father who loves us more than we could imagine. He knows us personally and perfectly. He knows our struggles, and he is always working to help us. It's just up to us to let him help us by being obedient to what he asks, and relying completely on the Savior to heal and strengthen us. Obedience lets the blessings flow freely! :)
Elder Judd