Monday, February 9, 2015

"Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven"

Dear family,

I am loving my time in 29 Palms. We had much to do this week with exchanges and other things, and many great things happened.

Elder Soelberg is great! I have been thoroughly impressed with the new missionaries that have been coming in. They are full of focus and energy and preparation. We are going to see many many miracles this transfer. 

Here's some miracles:

We went to visit Tim, the man who came to our door asking for a Book of Mormon. Well, his Greek roommates informed us that he wasn't there. As we were leaving, out of nowhere, a thought came to stop by this other home in the same apartments as Tim. About 2 or 3 months ago the man who lived there stopped us on the side of the road and asked us to pray for him while he was going thru hard times. He recognized us as Mormons because he has an uncle who became Mormon. We had tried to follow up a few times, but didn't catch him.
Anyway, we went right away and knocked at his place. He was home and he told us that he was really grateful we prayed for him. Whatever you did, it worked, he said. We talked and he commit to learn more and to come to our friend's baptism next Saturday. He pulled out a calender, set it in stone, and is excited to come. 

This weekend was the Yucca Valley Stake Conference. Elder Daniel L. Johnson came and spoke. On Saturday night it was partially a Q&A and our ward leaders answered questions about making ward council effective. And they also had a Q&A with a family that is great at family prayers and scripture study and family home evening. Overall, I felt strongly that I want to always pray and study the scriptures everyday both by myself and with my family for the rest of my life. In this there is safety and peace.

This Saturday one of my favorite people will be baptized. He is so prepared and I love him and his wife. After his baptism interview, the interviewer said:
This was the first time I've ever had someone quote the Doctrine and Covenants to me in their baptismal interview.
We brought him and his wife to help us teach another investigator and it was just fun. 

President Van Cott recently invited missionaries to reread the Book of Mormon before general conference. So I've been doing that. And I love the Book of Mormon. There is a strong, tangible spirit that comes as I read it. And the same power will come to anyone that reads it! It is pure words from heaven!

Sorry, I forgot my cord for my camera, so no pictures this week. 

Love you all,

Elder Judd