Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"let us go up; let us be strong"

Hey people!
On Friday we started teaching Matt. Matt is 15 and he's from New Zealand. He came to California at the end of January to live with his cousins for several months. His cousins are active members in our ward. They invited him to meet with us, and here we are.
I could listen to this kid talk all day long. Best accent ever. I love it. And Matt is so prepared. He wants to be baptized this Saturday, before his "basically-grandparents" (the Lata's) leave next week for their 5th mission to Samoa. So, we're teaching him everyday. He's learning fast. Please pray that Matt will be ready! :)
We taught Moli again and she's stuck. We're praying to know how to help her find an answer.
I went on an exchange with E. Ashcraft in the Bloomington ward on Saturday. It was a great day. And biking is so different. But in the morning Bro. Sandoval gave us a ride to a baptism in the Bloomington ward. He's a super nice Hispanic guy. He told us his conversion story. I really liked it.
Long ago, Bro. Sandoval noticed missionaries visit his neighbor all the time, but he didn't know much about them. Years later, he went to a Swap Meet in Colton and saw missionaries giving away copies of the Book of Mormon. He took a Spanish copy, read a lot, and loved it. But, he didn't know how to reach missionaries again. Some time later, he saw them out walking, so he talked to them and asked how he could learn more.  He was baptized soon after.
He said he knew their message was true because of the Book of Mormon. After he was baptized he said this:
I felt an empty space in my heart and I couldn't believe what it was. And I felt the Spirit and I -- I really wake up.
The feeling Bro. Sandoval felt was the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost testifies of what is true and what is good. It testifies of Jesus Christ. It fills the holes in our souls that we don't even know are there.
That is something I know.
Elder Judd