Monday, September 16, 2013

"Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."

Hey friends!
Malo soifua! We begin a new transfer this week and I'm staying in Samoa with Elder Browning! I'm really excited for this next transfer. I feel like we're really helping to move this ward in the right direction.
On Wednesday we had dinner with the Allen family. It was really great. Bro. Allen is less active because he works on Sunday, so it was great to get to know them better. He made really good BBQ, and they gave us so much dessert. Just about a fourth of a rectangular chocolate cake and a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream. Mega full. Anyway, our lesson with them went so well. It was probably the most I've felt the spirit in a lesson while in this area. They have 2 daughters and a son, all primary age. These kids were so smart! They asked such good questions and gave profoundly simple answers to our questions. We taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We asked why we have Faith in Jesus Christ and the 3-year-old son said, "so we can live with Jesus in Jesus' house."  It is so true. the spirit they had inside of them was so powerful. You could feel that they really believed what the said.
The oldest daughter later looked at us and asked in a small voice, "If Jesus was here right now and was sitting right next to you [pointing at the empty seat on the couch] what would you do?" I had to pause. I had to think. What would I do? How would I act? I felt the words of the primary song "If the savior stood beside me" come to my mind. after I moment I looked back into her eyes and told her, "I would hug Him. And I would tell him Thank you." She approved of my answer. :) There are so many kids in this ward and they all love missionaries. They call out to us by name when they see us and will rush up to talk to us. It's been hard work for me to remember all their crazy Samoan names. Haha. But kids are so sweet. I believe the Savior meant it when he taught "of such are the kingdom of heaven." 
I felt that even more when we were teaching Moli, Omar, and Sabrinna at the church on Saturday. Well, actually Sabrinna was teaching. She asked if she could prepare a leeson for her mom (Moli), and it was super cool. She taught about fear, obedience, and faith. What was extra awesome was that halfway through, the primary kids started practicing for their upcoming primary program in the chapel, and we could quietly hear the songs they sang. Oh man, I know that added to the spirit, whether Moli knew it or not. After Sabrinna taught, we really listened to Moli and her concerns. She told us she's not ready for her baptism date, yet again, and she really opened up to us. She realized that she had been reading the Book of Mormon to compare it to the bible, rather that reading it to sincerely know if it's true. So she committed to reading with an open heart. I'm really glad I'll be here another 6 weeks to see her continue to grow in her faith.
That's all folks. Heavenly Father loves us more than we could imagine. The Savior loves us just the same. They are always here for us, ready to help us back to them. They know our struggles. they are ALWAYS working in our lives for our good. Mm. it is true. :)

Love you lots,
Elder Judd